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The Wenger story started with the manufacture of cutlery, deep in the heart of the Jura mountains, where many of Switzerland’s finest watch brands are located. Founded in 1893 in Delmont, the Wenger company developed rapidly when it started producing the famous Swiss Army Knife for the Swiss Army. In 1997, The Wenger Watch company was established at the hub of Swiss watchmaking, in Biel/Bienne. Following the principles set by the Swiss Army Knife, all Wenger watches are developed to withstand extreme conditions, such as cold, humidity, water-pressure, shocks or magnetic fields. Multifunctionality, quality and reliability are innate features of every Wenger watch.

Today, Wenger watches are represented in more than 80 countries on all continents, with a collection that includes casual watches for everyday life, sports watches with specific features, as well as ladies’ watches with a more fashionable approach. Wenger has carefully aligned themselves to several professional adventurers and extreme sportsmen who represent and share the brand’s passion for the outdoors. Mike Horn - a Swiss-based South African adventurer, UeliSteck – a Swiss Professional mountaineer, and the crew of America’s Cup boat - Alinghi, share Wenger’s respect for the environment, their commitment to innovation and their role in helping the mere mortal climb, hike, sail and portage their way into history.