Two simple words which separately mean less than they do when put together…………“Swiss Made".

Since the 16th century, the Swiss watchmaking industry has remained a world leader, through a combination of permanent innovation, craftsmanship, tradition and technological advancements.

“Swiss Made” watches are known Worldwide for their reputation and quality and are sought out by customers looking for a product that embodies the heritage, passion and status which matches their aspirations and lifestyles.

At Lion Brands, we are passionate about “Swiss Made”.
Our passion comes from our appreciation of the attention to detail, engineering and technological marvels that rest inside each “Swiss Made” watch. It is as much about the current and the future, as it is about the rich historic tapestry of the past of Swiss watchmaking.

We want to bring the specialness of “Swiss Made” watches to the Australasian public and continue to show them why the Swiss make the best watches in the World.