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GRAHAM is an iconic brand in the world of haute horlogerie, celebrating it’s heritage descending from George Graham, an eminent British watchmaker, scientist and friend of the astronomers, also known as the father of the chronograph, by challenging design and technique.


George Graham is the pioneer of modern watch making.


He invented the start and stop device of the chronograph in 1725, the dead-beat and cylinder escapement, the mercury pendulum, to name a few. He built the most precise clock for the Greenwich Royal Observatory which timed most of the Naval achievements of the 18th century and created science instruments for astronomers and physicists, alike. Faithful to this visionary tradition, GRAHAM reinvents and improves its luxury machinery to manufacture timepieces exuding the pinnacle in horology.


GRAHAM is renowned for their originality, uniqueness and richness of detail by offering contemporary outstanding timepieces with an undisputable technical know-how of a true Swiss-based manufacture. The trend-setter Chronofighter features the renowned GRAHAM signature: the trigger on the left side of the case which guarantees the most instinctive and fastest use of the chronograph functions. The Silverstone range bears an impressive array of racing skills and adrenaline. The fast chronographs feature the racing colours and are enhanced by sophisticated functions. All is about endurance.